Tavan ab consulting engineers is a private company which has founded in May 1986 in Tehran and with permission of management and planning organization has started its activities in the field of water engineering.

Fields of activities of the company:

Based on currently enforced qualification classification, the company has been awarded the following grades:
– Grade 1 in Irrigation & Drainage Networks
– Grade 3 in Dams
– Grade 3 in Water Supply & Wastewater Systems

  • Performing and providing technical and consulting engineering services.
  • Detailed design
  • Preparation of maps and documents
  • Plans technical executive specifications
  • Monitoring for good implementation
  • Performing consulting services related to implemented plans operation and maintenance period

Tavan ab consulting engineers company has over 140 expert and experienced staff in the field of civil engineering, irrigation and drainage network, dams, structure, geotechnics, hydrogeology, hydraulic, hydrology, evaluation of water resources, urban water supply, sewage, mechanics and electricity. So far more than 130 projects have been studied, designed, monitored and managed

Scientific competence and long empirical records of members and staff, as well as membership of national and international forums in relevant expertise, have led to the standard performed work at the top level and in accordance with the latest world scientific and specialized findings. It also holds the ISO – 9001 Quality Management qualification: 2015. And the project management system (pmbok) has been established in the company.