In addition to carrying out various studies and oversight projects throughout the country, this consultant has been active in research projects over the past years, often resulting in standardized plans, reference books, and credible reports. Some of these projects are as follows:
ROW: Project name and specification:


Structural design of semi-oval semi prefabricated reinforced concrete semi-canals


Preparation of standard plans and technical specifications of construction of different types of prefabricated canals with semi-elliptical section and their fittings (saddle, base and shoe)


Revision of studies and supervision of the repair and increase of height of ancient tribal Tilkan and Faiz-abad


How to protect and reconstruct the historical and ancient hydraulic structures of the country


First and Second Stage Studies of Janet Rudbar-Ramsar hydroelectric power plant


Part of the country’s first hydroelectric projects, fully designed by Iranian experts.


Compilation of a study guide and preparation of a list of quantitative control services for collecting and discharging flood discharges in urban planning


Publication of Urban Floods book


Map of the risks of flooding of Jajrood River in the upstream of Latian Dam reservoir


Calibrating the HEC-1 and HEC-2 models using Amameh’s experimental results


design of performance assessment of the deviation dam and Artificial Feeding System of Khafr


Realistic performance assessment of the deviation dam and associated facilities and artificial feeding system


Preparation Karun River’s flood hazard map in Ahvaz


Comparison of the results of continuous and non-standard flow models and providing necessary recommendations